The behavior of crowds - ( 1920) PDF by Everett Dean Martin

The behavior of crowds; a psychological study 

The behavior of crowds
The behavior of crowds 

Since the publication of Le Bon's book. Crowd, little has been added to our knowledge of the mechanisms of the crowd- behaviour. As a practical problem, the habit of crowd-making is daily becoming a more serious menace to civilization

Events are making it more and more clear that, pressing as are certain economic questions, the forces which threaten society are really psychological. 

Interest in the economic struggle has to a large extent diverted attention from the significance of the problems of social psychology. Social psychology is still a rather embryonic science, and this notwithstanding the fact that psychiatry has recently provided us with a method with which we may penetrate more deeply than ever before into the inner sources of motive and conduct. 

The remedy which I have suggested in Chapter X deserves a much more extended treatment than I have given it. It involves one of the great mooted questions of modern philosophical discussion. It is, however, not within the province of this book to enter upon a discussion of the philosophy of Humanism. The subject has been thoroughly thrashed over in philosophical journals and in the writings of James, Schiller, Dewey, and others.
 It is sufficient for my purpose merely to point out the fact that the humanist way of thinking may provide us with just that educational method that will break up the logical forms in which the crowd-mind entrenches itself.

Everett Dean Martin was a writer, journalist, instructor, lecturer, social psychologist, social philosopher, and advocate of adult education

The Crowd and the Social Problem of Today . . 1 
How Crowds Are Formed 14- - 
The Crowd and the Unconscious 51 
The Egoism of the Crowd-Mind 73 
The Crowd a Creature of Hate 92 
The Absolutism of the Crowd-Mind 133 
The Psychology of Revolutionary Crowds . . . 166 
The Fruits of Revolution — New Crowd-Tyrannie for Old 219 
Freedom and Government by Crowds 233 
 Education as a Possible Curb for Crowd-Thinking 281 
Index 305 

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