Story of "primitive" man by Edward Clodd PDF book

Story of "primitive" man 

Story of "primitive" man

In no branch of knowledge has there been more rapid advance during the past fifty years than in that which deals with the history of so-called " primitive " man. A generation or two ago, an inquiry was rarely pushed beyond the sources of information supplied by written documents, coins, inscriptions, and such like materials. The possible existence of other materials throwing light on remote ages in which man had played a part — ages about which history was either silent or recorded only myths and legends — was but here and there recognized.

Content of the book
I. The Place of Man in the Earth's Life- 
History . . . .... 9 

II. The Place of Man in the Earth's Time- 
History 20 

III. The Ancient Stone Age ..... 35 

1. Character of Remains found in the Drift. 35 

2. Character of Remains found in Caverns. 42 

IV. The Newer Stone Age 76 

1. General Character of the Newer Stone Age. 82 

2. Remains found in Coast-finds and Shell- 

Mounds ....... 94 

3. Races of the Newer Stone Age ... 96 
4 Earth and Stone Monuments . . . 101 

5. Primitive Ideas about Spirits and an After- 

Life 103 

6. Stone Circles . . . . . .120 

7. Remains found in Lake-Dwellings . . 131 

8. Origin of the Lake-Dwellers . . . 143 

V. The Age of Metals 160 

VI. Conclusion. 179 

Selected List of Books on the Foregoing 

Subjects. 185 

Index. 187 
Book published in 1895
Edward Clodd was an English banker, writer, and anthropologist. He had a great variety of literary and scientific friends, who periodically met at Whitsunday gatherings at his home at Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

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