Psychoanalysis today (1944) PDF book by Sándor Lorand

Psychoanalysis today 

Psychoanalysis today


Any enterprise which would have for its main object the complete portrayal of the present-day situation in the development of psychoanalysis would require the efforts of a historical superman. 

 It is just short of fifty years since Freud made his initial contribution to the study of certain types of human suffering. This was but the first bubbling from a rich spring of clear understand- ing of the human personality which has become, in the few decades of its further outpourings, a veritable Amazon among the streams of scientific thought. 

Of the origins, sources, reinforcements, and tortuous early flowing of this cultural stream Freud himself has written in the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement, which no serious student of the mental sciences can afford to neglect. 

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