Proverbs, maxims and phrases of all ages PDF ( 1890) by Robert Christy, classified subjectively and arranged alphabetically

Proverbs, maxims, and phrases of all ages

Collection of best sayings by famous people and Maxims and Proverbs Collected by Robert Christy in 2 volumes


The compiler does not venture to claim for his work either completeness or perfection; he hopes, however, that it may be found, what he has conscientiously endeavored to make it, useful and instructive. In offering a book to the world of letters, it is fair to assume that the author, or as in this case the compiler, claims for it a right to exist on the ground of superiority in some particulars over existing works in the same department of literature. The great value as instructors, of inspired and uninspired proverbs, has long been recognized. "The people's voice, the voice of God we call, And what are proverbs but the public voice? Coined first and commonly made by common choice, Then sure they must have weight and truth withal." It may be safely affirmed of all notable collections of proverbs hitherto published, that they include very many tainted with impurity, and others, the wit of which does not redeem their coarseness. All such have been excluded from the present compilation. Even the learned Ray marred his celebrated work, that great storehouse of proverbs liberally drawn upon by succeeding collectors, by admitting "a mass of revolting coarseness" — "ineffectually veiled by putting initial letters for uncleanly words."

Zip file contains the two PDF Volumes

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