Note-taking (1910) PDF book by Samuel Swayze Seward

Note-taking (1910) PDF book by Samuel Swayze Seward

Note-taking (1910)

This book is written from personal knowledge of the insufficient, jumbled, and often misleading material with which the average student's note-books are filled; from the conviction that improved standards in note-taking will increase measurably the effectiveness of a student's work; and from some experience in training, students to better habits in the actual process of taking notes.

 For several years the writer has conducted classes that met once a week through a semester, devoting their time to various aspects of the note-takers problem; and into this book have gone the results of that experience. Those who attempt to train students in note-taking must take the opportunity to do so, either taking up the subject by itself or treating it in connection with some regular lecture course.

 In the former case, the subject is appropriately taught by the English department, as a branch of expository composition; but in the latter case, the task may be undertaken by any instructor who finds that good notes are necessary for successful work in his course.

 The purpose of this Note-taking book, therefore, is twofold: to make suggestions, especially in the exercises, for a practical course in the subject; and to provide, both in the text and in the illustrations, sufficient material for instruction in note-taking under the direction of some interested teacher.

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