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 National Geographic (1913) 

 The Non-Christian Peoples of the  Philippine Islands with Colored Photos

he Non-Christian Peoples of the  Philippine Islands

The non-Christian peoples of the Philippine Islands constitute approximately an eighth of the entire population of the islands. 

The territory which they occupy or control comprises an immense region in northern Luzon, all but a narrow coastal strip in Mindoro, all but a few small isolated regions along the coast in the great island of Palawan, the whole interior and a considerable part of the coast region of Mindanao, extensive areas in southern Luzon and in Negros and Panay, as well as the islands of Basilan, Jolo, Siassi, Tawi Tawi, Balabac, Cagayan de Jolo, and the very numerous adjacent small islands. It is not too much to say that at the present time approximately half of the territory of the Philippine Islands is inhabited by them, so far as it is inhabited at all.

All of the native inhabitants of the Philippines are assignable either to the black race (the Negrito peoples) or to the brown race (the peoples of Malayan origin). So far as concerns the latter, it should be added that the original Ma- lay blood has in many instances been materially modified by intermarriage with Negritos, Mongolians, or Caucasians, although a considerable number of the mountain tribes have intermarried little with Negritos, less with Mongolians, and with Caucasians hardly at all. Indeed, among the Bontoc Igorots in the earlier days, when motherhood was sometimes forced upon the women by white invaders, it was the custom promptly to kill the resulting mestizo children.

Author: Dean C. Worcester
Publication date:1913

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