Markandeya Purana ( 1904 ) Translated by F. E. Pargiter ( Hinduism )

This translation of the Markandeya Purana was undertaken by me for the Asiatic Society of Bengal many years ago when I hoped to be able to carry it through in no long period
This translation of the Markandeya Purana

but onerous official duties left little leisure, and for years removed me to a distance from the Society's Library and other means of reference. The Society was reluctant that the translation dropped, and it has therefore been continued as well as leisure permitted. It is hoped that in spite of these difficulties the translation, may be of service to scholars, and the notes with all their shortcomings not unwelcome.

The Markandeya Purana is a Sanskrit text of Hinduism, and one of the eighteen major Puranas. The text's title Markandeya refers to a sage in Hindu history, who is the central character in two legends, one linked to Shiva and the other to Vishnu.

The Markandeya Purana is probably one of the oldest in the Purana genre of Hindu literature, among the most interesting and important, states Ludo Rocher.

 It is famous for including the Devi Mahatmya within it, the oldest known treatise on Devi (goddess) as the Supreme Truth and creator of the universe.  The text is considered as a central text of the Hindu Goddess-related Shaktism tradition, with an extraordinary expression of reverence for the feminine The Markandeya Purana's Devi Mahatmya is often ranked in some Hindu traditions to be as important as the Bhagavad Gita.

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