Making good in business (1921) PDF book by Roger Ward Babson

Making good in business (1921) 

Making good in business

THIS book is the result of the au- thor's personal experience in business, extending over a period of twenty years. 

His work has put him in contact with most of America's living captains of industry. The Secret of Success herein described is the result of his study of these men. He acknowledges indebtedness to his associate, Mr. Ralph B. Wilson, for material for the second chapter and certain other suggestions. 

Mr. Wilson has accompanied the author on numerous trips where the question of " Making Good in Business " has been discussed, and offers these additional suggestions to make the story more complete.


a few years ago I was employed by a great magazine publisher to make a study of America's leading industries. The purpose of this study was to find those industries in which opportunities for success were greatest. For this publisher, I tried to find some product that had possibilities of development, but in the production or marketing of which no one was then " making good." This publisher enjoyed taking hold of some particular brand of product, of which very few had ever heard, and making all of us go to the market and de- mand it. To my great surprise, in making the investigation, it was impossible to find a single industry from eggs to engines, tires to tires, pins to pianos, butter to buildings in which someone, somewhere was not making millions of dollars.

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