Kwaidan : stories and studies of strange things by Lafcadio Hearn - PDF ebook

Kwaidan: stories and studies of strange things

Kwaidan: stories and studies of strange things

He characterizes Kwaidan as " stories and studies of strange things." A hundred thoughts 
suggested by the book might be written down, but most of them would begin and end with this fact of strangeness.

To read the very names in the table of contents is like listening to a Buddhist bell, struck somewhere far away. Some of his tales are of the long ago, and yet they seem to illumine the very souls and minds of the little men who are at this hour crowding the decks of Japan s armoured cruisers.

 But many of the stories are about women and children, the lovely materials from which the best fairy tales of the world have been woven. They too are strange, these Japanese maidens and wives and keen-eyed, dark-haired girls and boys; they are like us and yet not like us, and the sky and the hills and the flowers are all different from ours. 

Yet by the magic of which Mr Hearn, almost alone among contemporary writers, is the master, in these delicate, transparent, ghostly sketches of a world unreal to us, there is a haunting sense of spiritual reality.


  • Kwaidan 
  • The story of mimi-nashi-hoichi. I 
  • Oshidori 21 
  • The story of o-tei 27 
  • Ubazakura 37 
  • Diplomacy 43 
  • Of a mirror and a bell 51 
  • Jikininki 63 
  • Mujina 75 
  • Rokurokubi 81 
  • A dead secret 101 
  • Yuki-onna 109 
  • The story of aoyagi 119 
  • Jiu-roku-zakura 137 
  • The dream of akinosuke .... 143 
  • Riki-baka 157 
  • Hi-ma wari 163 
  • Horai 171 
  • insect-studies 
  • Butterflies 179 
  • Mosquitoes 205 
  • Ants 213 

 the book details :
  • Author: Lafcadio Hearn
  • Publication date:1904

  • Download zip file contains 5.3 PDF ebook

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