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J. M. Robertson's best works PDF collection

J. M. Robertson's best works


John Mackinnon Robertson was a prolific journalist, an advocate of rationalism and secularism, and a Liberal Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom for Tyneside from 1906 to 1918.

J. M. Robertson was an encyclopedian author; he wrote about many topics; politics, religions, literature, folklore, and rationalism

In 1856, John Mackinnon (J.M.) Robertson was born on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. He left school at 13, joined the staff of the Edinburgh Evening News in 1878, and several years later moved to London to work on the National Reformer, Charles Bradlaugh's publication, which he edited until 1893. That year Robertson founded the Free Review, which he published for two years. He lectured in the United States in 1897- 1898. In 1900, Robertson travelled to South Africa to report on martial law for the Morning Leader. From 1906 to 1918 he served in Parliament. 

Robertson specialized in comparative mythology and believed Jesus never existed. He wrote Christianity and Mythology (1900) and Pagan Christs (1903), still influential works. Other books include Short History of Christianity (1902) and Short History of Freethought (2 volumes, 1915). His expertise extended to economics, linguistics and politics. "No man has rendered higher service to British Rationalism in the last four decades, and few, especially among self-educated men, have attained such reputable command of so many branches of culture," wrote freethought historian Joseph McCabe in 1920. D. 1933.

This collected those books from American and Canadian Libraries to make it easier for students and the general reader to know about some great author and their works.

Content of the collection:

  1. A short history of Christianity
  2. A short history of freethought, ancient and modern.
  3. Bolingbroke and Walpole
  4. Charles Bradlaugh;
  5. Christianity and mythology.
  6. Essays in ethics.
  7. Letters on reasoning.
  8. Miscellanies essays.
  9. Modern humanists, sociological studies of Carlyle, Mill, Emerson, Arnold, Ruskin, and Spencer.
  10. New essays towards a critical method.
  11. Pagan Christs, studies in comparative hierology
  12. Patriotism and empire.
  13. Pioneer humanists.
  14. Rationalism
  15. The Baconian heresy, a confutation.
  16. The dynamics of religion;
  17. The economics of progress.
  18. The eight hours question (labour)
  19. The fallacy of saving; a study in economics
  20. The future of militarism; an examination of F. Scott Oliver's Ordeal by battle,
  21. The Germans. I. The Teutonic gospel of race. II. The old Germany and the new;
  22. The Jesus problem; a restatement of the myth theory
  23. The problem of Hamlet
  24. The Saxon and the Celt; a study in sociology.

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