Indian basketry, and How to make Indian and other baskets , pdf book by George Wharton James (with Ilustrations)

How to make Indian and other baskets

This book intends to teach you how to create Indian Basketry and other artistic baskets.
A few hundred )-ears ago our own ancestors were "aborigines,"— they wore skins for clothes; wove bassinets; lived in wicker and skin huts or in caves; ate nuts, herbs, acorns, roots and depended upon the fortunes of the chase for their meats, just as the Amerind of the present and past generations are doing and have done. Hence, as Indian baskets are woven by human beings, akin to ourselves, and are used by them in a variety of relations of intensely human interest, we are studying humanit}- under its earliest and simplest phases, — such phases as were probably)- manifested in our own ancestral history — when we intelligently study Indian Basketry.


I. Introduction 1 

Ii. Basketry, The Mother Of Pottery 17 

Iii. Basketry In Indian Legend 22 

Iv. Basketry In Indian Ceremonial 33 

V. Basket Making People 50 

Vi. Materials Used In Indian Basketry 72 

Vii. Colors In Indian Basketry 88 

Viii. Weaves Or Stitches Of Indian Basketry 96 

Ix. Basket Forms And Designs; Their Origin And Relation To Art Iig 

X. Some Uses Of Indian Baskets 14s 

Xi. Various Indian Baskets 169 

Xii. Symbolism Of Indian Basketry 187 

(A) Symbolism In Basketry Forms 191 

(B) Development Of Symbolism In Basket Designs 194 

(C) Imitation And Conventionalization 197 

(D) The Birth And Developement Of Geometrical Designs 201 

(E) Diverse Meanings Of Designs 206 

(F) Designs Of Animal Origin 208 

(G) Designs Of Vegetable Origin 212 

(H) Designs Of Natural Origin 213 

(I) Designs Of Artifact Origin 215 

(J) Baskets With Mixed Designs 216 

Xiii. The Poetry Of Indian Basketry 218 

Xiv. Baskets To Be Prized 224 

Xv. The Decadence Of The Art 226 

Xvi. How The Art May Be Preserved 229 

Xvii. Hints To The Collector 230 

Xviii. Bibliography Of Indian Basketry 232 

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