Hyde Park, its history and romance (1908) by Tweedie Alec with Maps and Illustrations

Hyde Park, its history and romance

Hyde Park, its history and romance

A rapid and informative survey of " some of the famous happenings and curious traditions " connected with Hyde Park. A list of trees, shrubs, and plants in Hyde Park is given in an appendix.

Hyde Park. What a world of memories is suggested by the name. Standing right in the heart of London, it is almost the only surviving out-of-door public pleasure resort left in the West-End, wherein fashion may display itself and take exercise, since St. James's Park has now no social life, and Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, Old Ranelagh, and Cremorne are long since dead. Gay as it is now in the season with its well-dressed saunterers, its beautiful equipages, its noble trees, and its wide expanse of water, it conjures up dark and evil memories, for the Park has been the scene of stirring events in our national history. Nor is its romantic mystery entirely of the past, even now.

Author: Mrs. Tweedie Alec
Date: 1908
Keywords: Hyde Park,. London places,


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