How to learn easily ( 1916 ) PDF book by George Van Ness Dearborn

How to learn easily, How to learn easily, practical hints on the economical study( 1916 ) PDF book by  George Van Ness Dearborn

How to learn easily

How to learn easily handbook strives toward the attainment of this high utilitarian aim. 

For this not unworthy purpose it employs in part both the newer, important, concrete discoveries and wider points of view reached in the last few years of educational discussion, as well as the often more familiar pedagogic material derived in the slow ages of school-experience alone, now more and more discredited.

Within the last decade, psychology has become, in a sense, the gauge of all the sciences and the most basal of them all. Psychology has taken the place long held in common by chemistry and physics, a change which was inevitable for the best of reasons — that by natural necessity the science of mind underlies our whole knowledge of the matter. With all this significant and potent progress psychology unquestionably has neglected some of its inherent obligations to the twenty-five million American students (twenty-two million of whom are in school) who are expending precious time and energy and money in learning — some of them, to speak more accurately, in trying to learn. 

This vast multitude of our youths and maidens are making a confident investment of their young years, the best they have or ever will have, in the wholly necessary means of future livelihood and anticipated happiness for themselves and their hoped-for families. Academic psychology with its highly productive resources gladly owns to these the obligation of giving all it can to make this learning-process easier, more pleasant, and in all ways more productive.

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