How shall the rich escape? ( 1894 ) PDF book by F. S. Billings (Social problems essays)

How shall the rich escape?  ( 1894 ) PDF book by  F. S. Billings


Nothing is so sensational as the truth. It can be said with equal truth, that there is nothing so dangerous. In the following pages it has been the endeavor to demonstrate the truth with regard to the majority of things in which humanity is, at present, bound by the falsehoods of, and its adherence to, traditional superstition and ignorance.

 Many critics will affirm that this is an iconoclastic work. They will be mistaken! "While, in nearly all in- stances, it is based on the popularization of scientific knowledge, of established facts, and is as much as possible free from hypothesis, at all times the analytical method has been followed; and only after arriving at the bottom fact (the Law of Self- Protection), as the fundamental moral principle by which all social customs and institutions must be judged, has the synthetical or constructive method been applied. Thoroughness in synthesis is not the purpose of this book. On the other hand, by a rather critical adherence to the analytical method, by which social institutions have been freed from their traditional falsehood, the ground has been left so clear of the weeds of superstition that he who can read the book of nature and think for himself and appreciate the fundamental Law of Self-Protection, can apply it to every human institution. 

The assertion may be egotistical, but it seems to me that the builders of our social institutions have continually passed by the corner-stone and fallen down before some " Theory " which had no foundation, and that in proclaiming the practically accepted fact that " man's first duty is to look out for himself," under the name of the Law of Self-Protection, the " Stone of the Wise," for which so many have thrown away their lives, has been brought to plain view.

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