Grant Allen's Best Books PDF collection - Fiction and Non-fiction public domain

Grant Allen's Best Books PDF collection

Grant Allen's Best Books

Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (February 24, 1848 – October 25, 1899) was a Canadian science writer and novelist, educated in England.
Grant Allen died of liver cancer at his home on Hindhead, Haslemere, Surrey, England, on October 25, 1899. He died before finishing Hilda Wade. The novel's final episode, which he dictated to his friend, doctor, and neighbor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle from his bed, appeared under the appropriate title, "The Episode of the Dead Man Who Spoke" in the Strand Magazine in 1900.

Grant Allen was a great Canadian author who produced great novels and scientific books. In this collection, I would like to make reader rediscover this genius writer

Contents of the collection

  1. African millionaire episodes in the life of the illustrious Colonel Clay.pdf 11 MB
  2. Anglo-Saxon Britain.pdf 10 MB
  3. At market value; a novel.pdf 8.2 MB
  4. Belgium;its cities.pdf 16 MB
  5. Charles Darwin.pdf 7.2 MB
  6. Common sense science.pdf 10 MB
  7. County and town in England, together with some annals of Churnside.pdf 9.3 MB
  8. Evolution in Italian art.pdf 8.2 MB
  9. Falling in love with other essays on more exact branches of science.pdf 11 MB
  10. Flashlights on nature.pdf 11 MB
  11. Florence (GUIDE).pdf 19 MB
  12. Flowers and their pedigrees.pdf 6.5 MB
  13. Force and energy. A theory of dynamics.pdf 9.6 MB
  14. Michael's Crag.pdf 7.3 MB
  15. Paris GUIDE.pdf 7.8 MB
  16. Strange stories.pdf 19 MB
  17. The Attis.pdf 4.8 MB
  18. The British barbarians; a hill-top novel.pdf 7.3 MB
  19. The color-sense its origin and development an essay in comparative psychology.pdf 11 MB
  20. The devil's die.pdf 15 MB
  21. The evolution of the idea of God; an inquiry into the origins of religions.pdf 17 MB
  22. The great taboo.pdf 10 MB
  23. The hand of God; and other posthumous essays.pdf 8.2 MB
  24. The incidental bishop, a novel.pdf 14 MB
  25. The jaws of death; a novel.pdf 2.5 MB
  26. The plants with many illustrations VOLUME 1.pdf 8.7 MB
  27. The scallywag NOVEL.pdf 14 MB
  28. The type-writer girl [microform].pdf 7.2 MB
  29. The white man's foot.pdf 10 MB
  30. The woman who did..pdf 9.0 MB
  31. This mortal coil; a novel.pdf 10 MB
  32. Venice; Grant Allen's historical guide books.pdf 8.2 MB
  33. What's bred in the bone.pdf

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