Economics, an introduction for the general reader (1919) PDF book by Henry Clay.

Economics, an introduction

Economics, an introduction

An apology is needed for adding another to the large number of books that attempt to deal with the whole subject matter of Economics in a single volume. 

I offer two pleas in extenuation. The first is that nearly all existing introductions to the subject are intended primarily for the University student. The pious wish is generally expressed that they may be of use also to the general reader, but the general reader's special needs and opportunities are seldom borne in mind. His needs are different, inasmuch as he has not the guidance of a teacher and the leisure of the student; on the other hand, his opportunities are some compensation for these disadvantages, since he has usually a practical interest in the economic system and an experience of its working, which the academic student lacks.

 It seemed, therefore, worthwhile to try to do for the economic organization as a whole what Bagehot and Mr. Hartley Withers have done for a part of it, the credit system — to explain the principles of its construction and working in the language of ordinary life, and with reference to the experience and interests of the ordinary man. While it would need a Bagehot to succeed, I hope that the mere attempt will have done something to make it easier for the general reader to perceive the bearing of economic studies on the political and social problems in which he is interested.

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