Early European history ( 1917 ) book by Hutton Webster

Early European history
Early European history

Early European history illustrates the history of Ancient History in Europe with illustrations and plates. the book is like an encyclopedia. great source by Hutton Webster who was was an American sociologist, economist, and anthropologist. He was Lecturer Emeritus of Sociology at Stanford University.

This book aims to furnish a concise and connected account of human progress during ancient, medieval, and early modern times. It should meet the requirements of those high schools and preparatory schools where ancient history, as a separate discipline, is being supplanted by a more extended course introductory to the study of recent times and contemporary problems.

There is no part of history so generally useful as that which relates to the progress of the human mind, the gradual improvement of reason, the successive advances of science, the vicissitudes of learning and ignorance, which are the light and darkness of thinking beings, the extinction, and resuscitation of arts, and the revolutions of the intellectual world."
           - Samuel Johnson, Rasselas.

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