Ducks: and how to make them pay (1894) PDF book by William Cook

Ducks: and how to make them pay (1894) PDF book by William Cook

Ducks: and how to make them pay

the original idea which led me to publish the first edition of this book was that there was a need for sound practical information upon a subject, which, if properly taken up, would be likely to lead to great results being attained in connection with an industry which would not only provide employment and remuneration for many, but also open up a way for families, both in town and country, to produce ducks for their own consumption, even where only the smallest accommodation existed. Ducks should form a great part of our bill of fare from April to October. 

I have endeavored to show in a simple form how they can be kept both as stock ducks in small places and how the young ones can be reared easily, as ducks grow faster than chickens, and are much less trouble. I have not gone into the treatment of fancy ducks, but have given a description of all the most useful breeds, and how they may be kept under different circumstances; so that readers may judge at once which breed is best suited to their purpose.

Not only treated on pure ducks but have shown how these can be crossed to the best advantage. The best methods of housing and feeding are described and the whole management in detail, so that those who have never kept ducks may see very clearly how they should set to work at once and rear ducks for their own table. I have also given directions for the management of exhibition stock ducks to guide the young amateur, as well as a few hints to the practical and experienced duck breeders. I may say the little book is written on practical experience of my own, as I have kept all breeds which I have mentioned and have proved their merits. I have also shown how all the refuse from the table can be turned into good and profitable food by keeping a few ducks. 

Good fat young ducklings have been and are to a very great extent luxury for the rich, while the majority of people do not know the taste of a good home-fed young duck. There are thousands of foreign ducks imported from various parts of the world which find their way into London and other large markets in England. These are of a very inferior kind, with scarcely the flavor of a duck in them, and at the same time, they are tough to eat. 

They give those who eat them a very bad impression of what young ducklings ought to be. They are also very small. Many of them do not weigh more than 3 lbs. each. There is no reason why we should not produce in England one hundred times more ducks than are reared at the present day, as quite as many ducks as would be necessary could be reared in this country to supply the markets and our own consumption as well. Duck-rearing should become one of our industries, and I have every reason to believe that it will in a few years to come. 

The book has now been revised, and brought up to date, with much additional information, which it is hoped will help duck keepers to become more successful in the future, even than many who have been successful in the past.

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