Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young artists. PDF (1920) by Edwin George Lutz

Drawing made easy

Drawing made easy

the way to begin and finish your sketches, clearly shown step by step (with Illustrations) 

It is nice to teach your child drawing or teach yourself. The book is a simple step by step drawing tutorial. you just need to repeat until you learn, 

A lead-pencil and a pad of scribbling paper are about all you need in copying most of the pictures in this book. Soft rubber for erasing would be good to have, too. You might also get a small wooden triangle, a foot rule, and compasses with a pencil-point. These few tools are the modest representatives of the accurate instruments that inventors, engineers, and architects use in planning the things that we use every day. The house you live in, the vehicle in which you ride, and the machines that make the many things you wear and use were first planned and drawn out with the aid of dividers, compasses, rulers, and other drawing instruments. Point the lead of your pencil on a block of sandpaper. No doubt you will want a water-color box. It is a good thing to have, but you can get lots of enjoyment in coloring your drawings.

drawing flower

The first thing to do in making the designs on the other page is to construct a square. This can very easily be made with the; foot rule and triangle. With the foot rule measure off the' sides of the square of equal length, and with the triangle get the corners exactly right-angled.


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