Character reading through analysis of the features - PDF book by Gerald Elton Fosbroke

Character reading through analysis of the features 

Character reading through analysis of the features

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1. Determine whether the physical or mental rules in the personality.
2. Decide upon the class of mentality, the temperamental type, whether positive or negative.
3. Mark well the manner and habits of movement and speech; those that are most natural are
the truer and stronger characteristics.
4. Note the position of the ear.
5. Note the divisions of the face.
6. Note the first impression— if there is a definite
one — and find the reason for it.
,7. Develop and analyse physiognomical sensations.
8. Study the whole face, every feature in comparison with every other feature in the particular face studied and then in other faces as well; and study every face as a whole in comparison with other faces.
9. Remember the three principal points are head, eyes, and mouth.
10. Learn to visualise faces.
11. Be slow to make statements of what is seen.
12. Accept no statement in this book as true; prove each. Study one feature at a time until it is possible to combine the knowledge of all, and always remember that partial knowledge is worse than none.

Physiognomy is the practice of assessing a person's character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face

Some contents:

The Head.
The Forehead.
The Eye.
The Nose
The Mouth and Lips
Chin and Jaws.
Wholly Mental— Plate XXXIV
Mental Physical — Plate XXXV
Physical Mental — Plate XXXVI
Solely Physical — Plate XXXVII
Points to Consider...
Personal Magnetism . . . ,
Wrinkles— Action and Speech.
Miscellaneous Indications of Character
Miscellaneous Rules...
General Information...

the book details :
  • Author: Gerald Elton Fosbroke
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Company:   New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sons

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