The rise of man (1908) by Claude Reignier Conder (Social History of mankind)

The rise of man (1908) PDF book by  Claude Reignier Conder 

The rise of man (1908) PDF book by

The subject of this volume is the Social History of mankind, studied with the aid of the results of science and research which have accumulated so rapidly during the lifetime of the present generation. The customs and beliefs of men form the basis of such inquiry; and the ideas of natural growth, and of guidance, lead us to look forward to the " far-off divine event," by showing us the purpose which we can discern in the past if we study the rise of man from the beginning of history in Asia.

Excerpt from the introduction

Purpose. To Lucretius, and to his master, Epikouros, the universe seemed as sand blown by the wind and falling into new heaps mechanically. If this were true there would be no meaning in the study of human history. We should say with the Preacher, " There is no new thing under the sun," failing to recognize the purpose which, through countless ages, has directed the growth of higher things from lower forms. But the increase of true knowledge enables us now to scan spaces of time of which the ancients had no conception and to trace the purpose of running through the ages which they so often denied. Human history in its widest sense, studied on the basis of such principles, becomes one of the most fascinating of studies; and the key to history is found in the knowledge of the social customs of men, and of the beliefs as to the future on which those customs were founded. We enter with the twentieth century on a new period of intense activity an age when old ideas are losing their influence, and when men are striving to digest the new knowledge which has increased so rapidly in the last two centuries. To the timid seems that general skepticism will be the final outcome, but a study of the past should reassure us as to the future.

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