The Harvard Classics full Volumes 52 books ( Fiction and non-fiction Public domain collection) with table of contents

The Harvard Classics

This is a great collection of 52  Harvard Classics pdf books with a direct download link. 

The Harvard Classics full

1 - Fifteen Minutes A Day The Reading Guide

2 -  The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

3 - The Apology, Phaedo And Crito Of Plato Translated By Benjamin Jowett The Golden Sayings Of Epictetus Translated By Hastings Crossley The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius Translated By George Long

4- essays, Civil And Moral And The New Atlantis By Francis Bacon Areopagitica And Tractate On Education By John Milton Religio Medici By Sir Thomas Browne W//a Introductions And Notes 
5-  The Complete Poems Of/John Milton

6 - Essays And English Traits By Ralph Waldo Emerson

7 -  The Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns

8 - The Confessions Of St. Augustine Translated By Edward B. Pusey The Imitation Of Christ By Thomas A. Kempis Translated By William Benham 

9 - Nine Greek Dramas By ^schylus, Sophocles, Euripides And Aristophanes Translations By E. D. A. Morehead E. H. Plumptre • Gilbert Murray And B. B. Rogers W//a Introductions And Notes Volume 8

10-  Letters Of Marcus Tullius Cicero With His Treatises On Friendship And Old Age Translated By E. S. Shuckburgh And Letters O/" Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus Translated By William Melmoth Revised By F. C. T. Bosanquet W//a Introductions And Notes 

11- An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations By Adam Smith 

12- The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin

13- Plutarch's Lives Of Themistocles • Pericles • Aristides Alcibiades And Coriolanus Demosthenes And Cicero Caesar And Antony In The Translation Called Dryden's Corrected And Revised By Arthur Hugh Clough 

14- Virgil's Aeneid Translated By John Dryden W//a Introductions And Notes Volume 13

15-the First Part Of The Delightful History Of The Most Ingenious Knight Don Quixote Of The Mancha By Miguel De Cervantes Translated By Thomas Shelton 

16- The Pilgrim's Progress By John Bunyan The Lives 0/ John Donne And George Herbert By Izaak Walton

17- Stories  From The Thousand And One Nights

18- Folk-lore And Fable Aesop And Grimm Andersen

19-  Modern English Drama Dryden • Sheridan Goldsmith • Shelley • Browning

20- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Faust, Part I • Egmont Hermann And Dorothea Christopher Marlowe Doctor Faustus

21- The Divine Comedy Of Dante Alighieri

22-  I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) By Alessandro Manzoni 

23- The Odyssey Of Homer

24- Two Years Before The Mast And Twenty-four Years After

25-  Edmund Burke On Taste On The Sublime And Beautiful Reflections On The French Revolution A Letter To A Noble Lord

26- John Stuart Mill Autobiography Essay On Liberty Thomas Carlyle Characteristics Inaugural Address Essay 

27- Continental Drama Calderon • Corneille Racine • Moliere • Lessing Schiller

28-  English Essays From Sir Philip Sidney To Macaulay 

29- Essays English And American 

30- The Voyage Of The Beagle By Charles Darwin With Introduction 

31- Scientific Papers Physics • Chemistry Astronomy • Geology

32-  The Autobiography Of Benvenuto Cellini Translated By John Addington Symonds

33- Literary And Philosophical Essays French, German And Italian

34- Voyages And Travels Ancient And Modern 

35-  French And English Philosophers Descartes • Rousseau Voltaire • Hobbes

36- Chronicle And Romance Froissart • Malory Holinshed

37- The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli Utopia By Sir Thomas More Ninety-five Theses Address To The German Nobility Concerning Christian Liberty By Martin Luther With Introductions And Notes

38-  English Philosophers Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries

39-  Scientific Papers Physiology Medicine • Surgery Geology 

40-  Prefaces And Prologues To Famous Books 

41 - English Poetry In Three Volumes Volume I From Chaucer To Gray 

42 - English Poetry In Three Volumes Volume Ii From Collins To Fitzgerald

43- English Poetry In Three Volumes Volume Iii From Tennyson To Whitman

44 - American Historical Documents

45 -  Sacred Writings In Two Volumes Volume I Confucian • Hebrew Christian, Part I

46-  Sacred Writings In Two Volumes Volume Ii Christian, Part Ii • Buddhist Hindu • Mohammedan

47- Elizabethan Drama In Two Volumes Volume 1 Marlowe • Shakespeare

48- Elizabethan Drama In Two Volumes Volume Ii Dekker • Jonson Beaumont And Fletcher
49- Blaise Pascal Thoughts Translated By W. F. Trotter Letters Translated By M. L. Booth Minor Works Translated By O. W, Wight

50- Epic And Saga Beowulf The Song Of Roland The Destruction Of Da Derga's Hoste

51- The Editor's Introduction Reader's Guide Index

52-  Lectures On The Harvard Classics
By William Allan Neilson, Ph.

The collection size is 975 MB zip file 

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