The complete boxer (1914) by Bohun Lynch PDF book

The complete boxer  (1914) by Bohun Lynch PDF book 

The book illustrates the art of boxing as a self-defense system and professional boxing in the ring. Boxing, its secrets and techniques.

The complete boxer  (1914)

some review about the book:
" My Dear Mr. Lynch, "I have read with the greatest interest what to me is the finest description of the origin of Boxing that I have ever heard or read, and I offer you my humble compliments on the most thorough and historic rdsum^ I imagine has ever been produced."

"Your description of the origin and purposes of Boxing is of itself interesting and instructive and accurate to a degree. Coming to the General Hints, I have read and re-read them, and I am not master enough of the English language to find a word that could convey a high enough estimate of the whole of the practical advice, and they show a masterly knowledge of all that happens in the ring."

"Your Training remarks are valuable and absolutely correct in my humble judgment. And I think it would be an impertinence on my part were I to in any way criticize so able a work — on an art that is healthy, honest, and in the best interests of daily life and exercise, and a game that helps young men to keep their head, know what a blow is, keep their temper under trying circumstances, and above all helps to educate them in the most valuable asset in life "
— Presence of Mind.

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