Collection of Best 16 Fairy Tales PDF books with Illustrations ( Public Domain)

Collection of Best 16 Fairy Tales

Today, I collected the best fairy tales for Studyebooks fans, I made sure that the fairy tale books are unique and each book is different, and also contains illustrations. the fairy tales are from many countries and cultures including Grimm from Germany, Arabian nights,  European fairy tales, and even Japanese and Turkish and more.

Collection of Best 16 Fairy Tale PDF books with Illsutrations

  1. At the back of the North Wind
  2. beauty and the beast.
  3. Belgian fairy tales
  4. Croatian Tales of long ago
  5. Dorothy and the wizard in Oz
  6. East of the sun and west of the moon old tales from the North (Norway)
  7. Fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen
  8. Forty-four Turkish fairy tales
  9. Household stories by Grimm
  10. Irish fairy tales
  11. Japanese fairy tales by Ozaki
  12. Old French fairy tales
  13. Sinbad the sailor & other stories from the Arabian night
  14. Snow White and the seven dwarfs
  15. The fairy tales of Charles Perrault
  16. The princess and the goblin by George MacDonald

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