Bible folk-lore; a study in comparative mythology 1884 PDF book by James E. Rogers and ; Rabbi Jeshua

Bible folk-lore; a study in comparative mythology 1884 PDF book by  James E. Rogers and; Rabbi Jeshua

Bible folk-lore

The present volume is the result of some twelve years of serious and special study. It is an attempt to apply the principle of evolution to the history of Hebrew and Christian belief, and to lay before the public, for its consideration, the results which appear to the author to spring from the recent researches of Orientalists, whether students of Semitic or of Aryan antiquities.

 Englishmen are as yet little aware, as a rule, of the vast stores of accurate and detailed information bearing on the comparative study of the Bible which have, through the patient labor of many scholars, been slowly accumulated during the last twenty years. They know, no doubt, that cuneiform inscriptions, and papyri, have been read, and that the sacred books of India and of Persia have been translated, but they do not know how fundamentally this increased knowledge affects the very basis of an examination of the Bible literature as a whole. 

The author's main contention is, then, that the Biblical literature can no longer be considered to stand alone as a unique production of genius or inspiration, but that its real origin and meaning can only be understood by the application of the comparative method which has as yet been only very imperfectly utilized in connection with the Bible traditions. 

The mythical hypothesis is not, it is true, a new one. Bryant, and even earlier writers, preceded the lamented F. Lenormant and Ignaz Goldziher in this mode of inquiry, but the growth during the last twenty years of the study of comparative mythology, and the increase of our information concerning Oriental books, such as the Veda, the Zendavesta, the Buddhist writings, and the inscriptions of Egypt and Assyria, has placed at the disposal of the student materials for comparison which was quite beyond the reach of the earlier comparative school.

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