A source book of Greek history (1907) by Fred Morrow Fling (with Illustrations)

A sourcebook of Greek history (1906) by Fred Morrow Fling

sourcebook of Greek history

This book was published in 1907 by Scientific historian Fred Morrow Fling, The book is an attempt to illustrates Greek history with references to the sources. the book contains rare illustrations

During the past fifteen years, the question of the use of sources in the teaching of history in secondary schools has occupied somewhat constantly the attention of history teachers and has given rise to a considerable controversial literature. The discussion has evidently passed through a first stage, and one thing, at least, seems to be settled: it is the opinion of the best-trained teachers of history the country over that historical sources should be used in the secondary schools. That the publishers of text-books believe that there is a demand for this kind of material and that the demand is likely to increase is demonstrated by the number of sourcebooks issued in the last few years. Another proof of the change that has come over the teaching of history is found in the recent historical narratives intended for secondary schools and in revised editions of old texts. In all of these books, a prominent place is given to references to the sources.

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