Writing for the magazines ( 1918) PDF book by Joseph Berg Esenwein ( Writing )

Writing for the magazines ( 1918) PDF book (How To Write Successful Articles Magazine) by Joseph Berg Esenwein.

Writing for the magazines

This book was published in 1918, the book illustrates the ways to write successfully for a magazine, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. very good insight for young writers.

The population of the United States consists of one hundred million, most of whom seem to be ambitious to write. I would not willingly add to this host, yet to those who have some prospect of success, I should like to extend a hand of help. Of the countless would-be writers, by far the greater number fail because they have nothing to say; for them, there is no course but to fill up their lives with things worthwhile.

 A much smaller number do not succeed because, though they know various things that would be of service and interest to their fellows, they take up their pens blindly — they know little of the forms acceptable to the magazines, and less of how to learn how. 

All such need a guide. In this volume may be found analyses of the various kinds of material that editors are constantly buying, together with such examples as could be included in a work of this size. The several tables showing the favorite lengths of magazine material and the themes most in vogue, are all authoritative, having been made up from first-hand information contributed for this work by the editors of our most broadly-read magazines, and from a careful examination of hundreds of issues covering a wide range of current periodicals. If these tables are studied in connection with such magazines as may be available to the ambitious writer they should prove valuable guides.

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