The theory and history of banking by Charles Franklin Dunbar (1922) PDF book

The theory and history of banking by Charles Franklin Dunbar (1922) PDF book 

The theory and history of banking

The preparation of the following chapters is the result of the need for some convenient statement of ordinary banking operations, felt by the writer when lecturing upon banking to a large class of students in the elements of political economy.

 To the chapters devoted to such operations, it was found useful to add a series of historical chapters on certain of the great banks and banking systems, partly for the easy illustration of theory and partly to supply the want of any good manual of banking history. Eight of the chapters were printed in 1885 for the use of classes at Harvard University but were not then given to the public.

 To these have now been added an introductory chapter, a chapter on combined reserves or the system of Clearing House loan certificates, and one on the Bank of Amsterdam. The whole has been revised and the notices of current history brought down to the present date, arid the book is now laid before students and readers with the hope that it may aid in the systematic study of a subject, the treatment of which by writers upon economics is generally either too summery or too diffuse for ordinary purposes. The writer has annotated his text with a freedom to the First Edition which perhaps demands some apology, desiring to make his notes answer the double purpose of informing the reader as to the sources from which statements are drawn, and of inviting him to explore the sources more deeply than was possible within the limits of the present publication.

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