The story of my struggles: the memoirs of Arminuis Vambéry (1904) PDF book by Ármin Vámbéry (Hungarian Self-made man)

The story of my struggles: the memoirs of Arminuis Vambéry (1904) PDF book VOL. I by Ármin Vámbéry

The story of my struggles

Vámbéry was born as Hermann Wamberger in Szent-György, Kingdom of Hungary (now Svätý Jur, Slovakia), into a poor Jewish family. According to Ernst Pawel, a biographer of Theodor Herzl, as well as Tom Reiss, a biographer of Kurban Said, Vámbéry's original last name was Wamberger rather than Bamberger. He was raised Jewish but later became an atheist. Vámbéry was 1 year old when his father died and the family moved to Dunaszerdahely

Authors of Autobiographies are much exposed to fall into self-glorification,. If I nevertheless have undertaken to write the following pages, I have done so because of the unexpectedly favorable criticism which the first two chapters of my book — Life and Adventures of Arminius Vambiry, Written by Himself — met within England and in America. In this book, I tried to lay before the public an account of such travels and wanderings of mine as were not comprised in my first book on Central Asia, and in addition, I thought it advisable to give a few outlines of my juvenile adventures and struggles. Strange to say it was the narrative of the latter that elicited the particular interest of my readers, as I noticed from the many letters I received from the most distant parts of Europe and America. Well, I said to myself, if such short sketches of my curious career have evoked this interest on the part of my readers, what will be the impression if I draw the picture of my whole life and of all the vicissitudes I went through from my childhood to my present old age? This is the main reason for the issue of the present volumes. Keeping in mind the Oriental proverb, " To speak of his own self is the business of the Shaitan," I have reluctantly touched upon many topics connected with my personality, but events are mostly inseparable from actors, and besides I have found encouragement in recalling the appreciation Britons and Americans are habitually ready to accord to the career of self-made men.

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