The Memoirs Of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt The Prince Of Adventurers (1902) Volume 1

The Memoirs Of Jacques Casanova De Seingalt The Prince Of Adventurers Volume 1 by Casanova, Giacomo, 1725-1798

 La Piste Casanovfaienne, as it is fondly called, has long held a quite reasonable fascination for all students of social history and psychology.

These famous Memoires furnish a unique tableau of the eighteenth century, painted for us by a man whose personality was itself unique. The trail has been carefully followed by Englishmen and Frenchmen alike. Mr. Arthur Symons and Mr. Havelock Ellis in our own country have displayed a passionate interest in the wonderful Venetian; while Messieurs Armand Baschet and Octave Uzanne have foraged in the lockers of the Maison Brockhaus at Leipzig, in the Archives of the Venetian Senate, and have given us the results of their researches. 

Mr. Symons has in-person turned over the papers lying moldering in the white library at Dux, where the restless old adventurer spent the last tame years of his life, and relieved his solitude en buoyant du noir Sur le papier. Thus does he, in a fit of depression, deprecatingly characterize his own excellent piece of work. It is to these writers that we owe the discovery that Casanova was not a mere retailer of impossibly indelicate stories, but a memoirist of the first order, and the author of one of the most vivacious and artistically faithful pictures of the romantic age in which he moved, that we are lucky enough to possess. This ' Passionist,' as the French love to call him, this prince of adventurers, was a man of action, who cared to analyze the springs of that action, and posed to himself, and to all his friends, as a philosopher. The list of his philosophical and metaphysical works would startle and weary. The Memoires alone survive.

Giacomo Casanova 1725-1798  is the Most famous romantic womanizer in History, he loved all women. Let's enjoy his adventures

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