Portuguese self-taught PDF book (1904) (Thimm's system) with phonetic pronunciation

Portuguese self-taught PDF book (1904)  (Thimm's system) with phonetic pronunciation by  Euclides da Cunha

Portuguese self-taught PDF book

This book will help you to study Portuguese with phonetic pronunciation

To anyone with a knowledge of Spanish, particularly if that knowledge has been obtained through the medium of Marlborough's system of Phonetic Pronunciation, the acquirement of the sister's tongue by the aid of will present no difficulty. 

The most noticeable differences, perhaps, are the absence of the Spanish gutturals, and the unexpected presence of the nasal sound, resembling the French nasal, which is a feature of the Portuguese language though not found in Spanish. The third or phonetic column, which is added throughout the Vocabularies and the Conversational Phrases and Sentences, supplies the pronunciation of every word in so simple and natural a manner that the Businessman, Tourist, or Traveller is enabled to speak the language intelligibly without previous acquaintance with it, and with the minimum of trouble in mastering the system of phonetics employed. 

The key to the pronunciation is given in the opening pages of the book and can be readily referred to for any arbitrary phonetic sign which by its nature is not clearly self-explanatory. In view of the friendly and important business relations, both political and commercial, so long subsisting between Great Britain on the one hand, and Portugal and the countries of the New World where Portuguese is spoken on the other, this language has not hitherto been sufficiently studied by the British. I trust therefore that this manual will be the means of popularising the acquisition of the language, and that for practical utility, both as a phrase-book for Tourists, Travellers, and Commercial men, and as an introduction to a thorough study of Portuguese, it will be found equal in all respects to the standard of the preceding works of the series.

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