Norwegian self-taught- - PDF book (1920) by Carl A. Thimm

Norwegian self-taught by the natural method. With phonetic pronunciation 

Norwegian self-taught

This volume is primarily intended to supply a working and practical knowledge of the Norwegian language, for the benefit of those who have not the time or the inclination to study the grammar, and yet require to use the spoken tongue for purposes of business or pleasure. 

With this object in view it supplies many vocabularies, carefully selected for daily use and classified according to the subject, and a large number of colloquial phrases and sentences of a practical character, similarly classified. Throughout these sections of the volume, the English phonetic pronunciation of the Norwegian words is added (in the third column) in accordance with Marlborough's system of phonetics — a system which has grown out of the long experience and is of so simple a nature that, by means of it, a stranger to the language, who knows English only, can read off the words at a glance, and thus easily make himself understood amongst Norwegian-speaking people. An outline of the Grammar is added for the use of those who wish to make a study of the language.

Some contents:

ALPHABET and Phonetic Pronunciation 6
Preliminary Notes 8
Amusement and Recreation 45
Animals, Vegetables, etc. :
Animals, Birds, and Fishes ... 12
Fruits, Trees, Flowers and Vegetables 15
Reptiles and Insects ... 14
Colours 17
Commercial Terms ... 56
Cooking and Table Utensils 30
Correspondence 61
Countries and Nations 37
Cycling ... 51
Fishing 42
House and Furniture, The 34
Legal 62
Mankind : Relations 22
Dress and the Toilet 31
Food and Drink 27
Health 26
Human Body, The 23
Physical and Mental Powers, Qualities, etc 24
Motoring 50
Numbers. Cardinal, Collective, etc, and Ordinal ... ...64-67
Parts of Speech :
Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions and
Verbs ...67-78
Photography 48
Post, Telegraph and Telephone 60
Professions and Trades ... 55
Religion 53
Shooting 44
Times, Seasons and Holidays 18
Town, Country and Agriculture 20
Travelling: By Road and Rail 38
By Ship 40
Washing List 33
World and its Elements, The 9
Land and Water ... 10
Minerals and Metals ... 11

the book details :
  • Author: Carl A. Thimm
  • Publication date:1910
  • Company: Philadelphia: David McKay

  • Download 5.7 MB

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