Malay self-taught - PDF by Abdul Majid

Malay self-taught by the natural method: with phonetic pronunciation

Malay self-taught
Malay self-taught 

 This handbook is prepared more particularly for those English-speaking persons who wish to acquire the language by themselves with the least expenditure of time and labour. 

The Malay language is spoken not only in the Malay Peninsula, but also at most of the principal towns and ports in Java, Sumatra, and Borneo, with just such a slight variation in different places as not to make a Malay of one place totally helpless in another.

 It is also the lingua franca among the various races that inhabit those places. It is to be noted, therefore, that the '"dialect" treated in this work is that in vogue among the educated Malays in British Malaya; and though each /State has its own dialectic peculiarities, the educated class can understand and make themselves understood wherever they go in the Malay region.

Whilst it is primarily intended to enable residents and travellers in Malaya to gain sufficient conversational power to carry them through the commonplaces of every- day life, it is hoped that the grammatical notes, idiomatic expressions, and the introduction to the Malay characters will be found effectual in, affording students with higher ambitions a sound foundation in their knowledge of the Malay language. Further, there are explanatory notes that indicate whether the grammatical rules given are for literary or colloquial Malay or both. By "colloquial Malay" it meant the language used by the natives in speaking with foreigners, especially Europeans.

Publication date: 1920

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