Japanese grammar self-taught. PDF book (In Roman character) 1907 by Henry J. Weintz

Japanese grammar self-taught

Japanese grammar self-taught. PDF book

Excerpt from the author's introduction:

The proposal to issue a second volume of Japanese under the title of " Japanese Self-Taught," referred to in the Preface of this book — see opposite page — has now become an accomplished fact, and in the new volume the Publishers have carried out the idea of issuing a conversational phrasebook, consisting of the classified sentences in English and Japanese comprising Part II. of the first edition of " Japanese Grammar Self- Taught," together with a large number of classified Vocabularies. Throughout the work, the pronunciation of the Japanese words has been added in accordance with Marlborough's well-known and popular system of phonetics, so that each page is arranged in three columns, viz., the English, Japanese (romanized), and the phonetic pronunciation respectively. 

Space thus set at liberty in the Grammar has been filled by inserting three new sections of useful Exercises, as follows: — A. Exercises for translation, in English and Japanese alternately, with Key. B. Reading Exercises, interlined with the English phonetic pronunciation, and with Key. C. Additional Extracts (short) from Japanese works, with translation. 

 Exercises for translation (section A), consist of conversational sentences of a most practical and useful character, and both the Exercises proper and the Key may be used for translation, each forming the key to the other. For this new matter, the Publishers are indebted to Mr. J. Fife Mortimer, who for many years has made a special study of the Japanese language and literature. The two works now form " a very comprehensive and " useful manual of the Japanese language, for students, "commercial men and traders, missionaries, travelers, and "tourists." (See Preface, "Japanese Self-Taught. ") They may be obtained bound together in one volume, entitled "Japanese Self- Taught and Grammar."

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