How to cooperate. PDF book (1910) by Herbert Myrick

 The full fruits of labor to producer, honest value to the consumer, just return to capital, prosperity to all. A manual for cooperators

How to cooperate

This book will teach you how to cooperate in business since, without cooperation, we will lose great advantages in life and business Man is social Animal.

The True Way Out of the evils that now afflict both producers and consumers is through an agency that already exists. It is right at hand. Its ways are the methods of peace. This agency requires no favored legislation, no political revolution, no social overthrow. It builds up instead of tearing down. Yet its success has been abundantly demonstrated under the most adverse circumstances. It is as permanent as a human institution may be. It supplies its own capital, ensures its own prosperity, and increases in practical beneficence with age. Thoroughly Christian in nature and application, no phase of belief can take exceptions to it. Nor does it antagonize the reforms in polities and government and taxation, in land or finance or transportation, that are now so prominent in the public mind.

Contents of  the book:
Chapter I. What co-operation is and is not 9-23 chapter ii. The history of co-operation 23-36 chapter iii. The •~o-operative store 36-83 chapter iv. Further examples of co-operative distribution. How to start a store 83-127 chapter v. Co-operative production 127-143 chapter vi. Co-operative dairying 143-159 chapter vii. Co-operative fire insurance 159-178 chapter  Co-operative banking 178-207 chapter ix. Farmers' and people's exchanges 207-241 chapter x. Women's exchanges and how they may be run 241-252 chapter xi. The future of co-operation 252-264 appendix: 1. Working by-laws and model rules. 2. Descriptive directory of all classes of co-operative enterprises. 3. Laws relative to co-operation. 4. Bibliography op cooperation. 5. Advertisements 255-346

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