Greek self-taught - PDF by Nicolaos Anastassiou

Greek self-taught (Modern)

Greek self-taught

This handbook of modern greek has been prepared in accord- Ance with the principle underlying the whole of Marlborough "Self-taught" series, viz., that of presenting the Words, Phrases, and sentences in common everyday use, together with The English phonetic pronunciation^ of the same (Marlborough System), in such a manner that " he who runs " may speak the Language at a glance. 

Thus are laid the foundations of a Complete mastery of greek as spoken at the present day, by the Students becoming possessed of its vocabulary, idioms and familiar Phrases, and acquiring the art of conversation therein. The tourist, trader, traveller or student, with the aid of this Book, can make himself readily understood in the hotel, the shop, The street, in travel and in the transaction of business, without any previous acquaintance with the language.

 It may almost be said that there are two languages in vogue In Greece, viz., (1) that of the savant of interest, and (2) the common Or popular speech. The first is that mainly employed by greek Prose writers of the present day, and is, in a still greater degree, 

The language of the newspapers, of correspondence, and, indeed, Of public life generally; it is spoken at school, at the university, And in parliament. The second is the language of the masses; This is also, however, often heard in the best-educated families, and A good deal of patriotic and popular sentiment attaches to it. 

When necessary, and as far as the limits of space will allow, this Book gives the words of both tongues most in use. The purest form approaches the ancient, classical language, Being the outcome of long endeavours on the part of the educated Greeks to restore their speech to its pristine purity, and this Manual, therefore, affords a practical introduction to the study of The Greek classics. 

A specially prepared list of archaeological Terms is included and will be found of great assistance and value To all who visit the numerous places of historic interest for which Greece is and ever will be, so famous.

Some contents

Vocabularies. — Passes 11 to 78.
Amusements 53
Animals, Vegetables, &c.
Animals, Birds and Fishes 15
Fruits, Flowers, Trees and Vegetables 18
Eep tiles and Insects 18
Archaeology 58
Colours 21
Commercial and Trading 49
Correspondence 56
Countries and Nations 48
Holidays in Greece 2:1
House," The 37
Cooking and Eating Utensils 3t>
Furniture 37
Mankind; Relations 26
Human Body, The 28
Dress ... 32
Food and Dx-ink 34
Health 30-
Photography 51
Professions and Trades 43'
Religion 4i
Ships and Shipping 45-
Times and Seasons 21
Town and Country 24
'Post Office and Telegrams 57
Travelling 46
Numbers (Cardinal, Ordinal, Collective and Fractional, &c.) 59
Parts of speech, 64 to 78.
Adjectives 64
Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions 74
Verbs . . . 70
World and Its Elements, The 11
Land and AVatcr 12

the book details :
  • Author: Nicolaos Anastassiou
  • Publication date: 1916
  • Company: London, E. Marlborough and co.

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