Boxing and self-defense taught- PDF by the Marshall Stillman principle

Boxing and self-defence taught by the Marshall Stillman principle 

Boxing and self-defence

 1. Five Sub-Conscious Lessons in Boxing 4 1. Hit 2. Guard 3. Duck 4. Footwork 5. clinching 2. One lesson for daily exercises 32 3. Three rounds of shadow boxing 42 4. Eight bone-breaking holds and re- leases, ( Jiu-Jitsu ) 70 for use against violent attack. 5. Eight holds in standing wrestling. ... 82

MARSHALL STILLMAN has been a student of boxing for more than thirty years. He was a pupil and intimate friend of Professor Mike Donovan who retired undefeated middleweight champion of the world and who taught boxing at the New York Athletic Club for thirty years. Professor Mike Donovan thought so much of Marshall Stillman and the "Shorthand" or "Sub-Conscious" Method of teaching Boxing that he heartily endorsed both, and posed for the illustrations in this book. 

This is Donovan's system of boxing taught by Marshall Stillman's principle of instruction. Marshall Stillman's interest in boxing and self-defence for the last ten years has been devoted largely to the development of this simplified system of instruction. 

Anybody, young or old, can learn the rudiments of boxing and how to guard against attack, from this course. Boys of 12 and 15, have learned; men of 40 and 60 have learned, and what is more, they have benefited physically as a result. Marshall Stillman begins with the things you know, such as holding out your hand for a coin, the breaststroke in swimming, butting like a goat, etc., and the first thing you know, he has led you into striking correct blows, using proper guards, and parries, ducking scientifically, etc.

Publication date: 1919

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