Biography of self taught men PDF book by B. B. Edwards (1855)

Biography of self-taught men PDF book by  B. B. Edwards (1855)

Biography of self-taught men PDF book

In the history of this, as of other countries, previous to the great discovery of printing, learning, and all the refined and useful arts, were exclusively confined to a distinct class, and beyond its exclusive pale, all efforts at knowledge or intellectual elevation were absolutely impossible.

The gradual extension of learning by the printing press, and its perfect enfranchisement by means of our free, religious, and political institutions, have produced a total change in the means of access to knowledge. Intelligent perseverance and industry may now surmount almost every obstacle arising from humble birth and limited opportunities, and we are accordingly familiar, in the history of our most distinguished men, of the greatest difficulties overcome, and the highest ranks of learning, genius, and social position achieved by those who started surrounded by all the disadvantages of a humble sphere. It is not surprising that, among such self-taught men,

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