Wealth (1919) pdf book by Glen Brion Winship

Wealth  (1919) pdf book by Glen Brion Winship

Wealth  (1919) pdf book by Glen Brion Winship

Nothing more timely than Mr. Glen B. Winship’s book on “Wealth” could have appeared. It deals with basic economic problems in a vividly clear and interesting manner. Mr. Winship brings the subject up to date, —up to the minute, in fact—in its relation to existing questions of world consideration. Without an antagonistic word in any direction, he develops by plain reasoning and logic, the philosophy which he believes must be recognized and understood, if mankind is to improve on present-day methods of creating and distributing wealth.

 The great merit of the book is, that it clears the path of much intellectual debris,—sophistries and casuistries, on the one hand, superficialities, and fallacies on the other. It aims at the Truth—with malice towards none and with the desire of justice for all. The style is simple, entertaining, delightful. Comprehensive brevity would describe its prevailing characteristic. One lays down the volume with the feeling that a new and helpful force has entered the lists for right-wiseness in the adjustment of the social and economic problems which con¬ front the world.


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