Thinking as a Science PDF book (1916) by Henry Hazlitt

Thinking as a Science PDF book (1916) by Henry Hazlitt

Thinking as a Science PDF book


Every man knows there are evils in the world that need setting right. Every man has pretty definite ideas as to what these e\dls are. But to most men, one, in particular, stands out vividly. To some, in fact, this stands out with such startling vividness that they lose sight of other evils, or look upon them as the natural consequences of their own particular evil-in-chief. To the Socialist this evil is the capitalistic system; to the prohibitionist it is intemperance; to the feminist, it is the subjection of women; to the clergyman, it is the decline of religion; to Andrew Carnegie it is war; to the staunch Republican it is the Democratic Party, and so on, ad infinitum

 I, too, have a pet little evil, to which in more passionate moments I am apt to attribute all the others. This evil is the neglect of thinking. And when I say thinl^ing I mean real thinking, independent thinking, hard thinking. You protest. You say men are thinking more now than they ever were. You bring out the almanac to prove by statistics that illiteracy is declining. You point to our magnificent libraries. You point to the multiplication of books. You show beyond a doubt that people are reading more now than ever before in all history. . . .

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