The servile state (1912) PDF ebook by Hilaire Belloc

 The servile state (1912) PDF ebook by Hilaire Belloc

The servile state (1912) PDF by Hilaire Belloc

The Servile State is a 1912 book authored by Hilaire Belloc. The book is primarily a history of capitalism in Europe and a repudiation of the convergence of big business with the state. Belloc lays out two alternatives: distributism and collectivism.

This book lays out, in very broad outline, Belloc's version of European economic history, starting with ancient pagan states, in which slavery was critical to the economy, through the medieval Christendom process which transformed an economy based on serf labor in a state in which the property was well distributed, to 19th and 20th-century capitalism. Belloc argues that the development of capitalism was not a natural consequence of the Industrial Revolution, but a consequence of the earlier dissolution of the monasteries in England, which then shaped the course of English industrialization. English capitalism then spread across the world


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