Posterity, its verdicts and its methods; or, Democracy A.D. 2100 Utopia Novel (1897)

Democracy A.D. 2100 Utopia Novel (1897)

Democracy A.D

The story is a political utopia, an English man traveled to the year 2100.

Excerpt from the introduction:

" What a fearful and immense question this of Pauperism is: with what ominous rapidity the demand for a solution of it is pressing on: and how little the world generally is yet aware what methods and principles, new, strange, and altogether contradictory to the shallow maxims and idle philosophies current at present, would be needed for dealing with it."

 Thos. Carlyle {Memoir of Chas. Buller). "

"They enslave their children's children Who make a compromise with sin."

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