Men who sell things (1919) by Walter Dwight Moody, . observations and experiences of over twenty years as travelling salesman

Men who sell things (1919) by    Walter Dwight Moody,. observations and experiences of over twenty years as a traveling salesman

Men who sell things

This book is an attempt to specify the qualifications necessary for the making of a successful salesman and the reasons for so many failures in the greatest profession on earth, the profession of salesmanship. I wish to write, not of the doctrine of "luck," "chance," and "good fortune," but of the doctrine of effort and result; to proclaim that highest form of twentieth-century salesmanship which brings success, not to the indolent, the improvident, and the dreamer, but to the striving, the intelligent, and the busy man.

When a man has taken the "third degree" in the science of salesmanship, has put finishing touches on a career of strapping and unstrapping cases in hot Summers and chilly Winters, has taken a course in hard knocks at the College of Give-and-Take; after he has been trapped by below-zero receptions; after he has simmered in the cauldron of competition; after he has set his foot on the path that leads to the summit of the mountain peak Success; after he has taken his post-graduate training in seeing Hope deferred,

I believe he should have the degree of Commercial Ambassador brought to him on a golden salver, for he is now a professor in the gentle arts of Peace and Plenty.

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