How to sell quality; by John Cameron Aspley 1921 PDF book

How to sell quality; by John Cameron Aspley  1921 PDF book

How to sell quality

This competition into which we are headed is going to test the mettle of every man who sells goods. Those who do not understand the power of quality over price must fail in the test. Price salesmanship cannot possibly succeed.

 On the other hand, a salesman who understands how to sell quality, who has the courage to refuse to allow goods made to sell on quality to be com¬ pared with goods made to sell on price, will come out with flying colors, a made man.

 It is to help you to meet these conditions that members of the Dartnell Editorial Staff have I interviewed salesmen in all lines of business. Many of these men are now holding executive positions because of their ability to successfully sell quality in the face of price competition of the keenest kind. From the hundreds of plans gathered we have selected those which will prove most helpful to you, and to other salesmen in different lines of business.

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