Some philosophy of the Hermetics (1898) by Anonymous Free PDF book

Some philosophy of the Hermetics (1898) by Anonymous PDF book

Some philosophy of the Hermetics

Nature has a way of concealing and revealing. She tells half her story out in the sunshine in a loud voice and the other half in whispers underground. She is coy like a coquette and stern like a judge. She excites curiosity in the student, and dread in the debauchee. She holds the man of science to her breast but is dumb to the lover of pleasure. She scorns the victim of priestcraft and repudiates the supernatural. 

The Sage takes his cue from his mother; like Nature, he conceals and reveals. He who would see other than the smiling, scowling face of Hermes must search the dark places by the light of his own candle; Hermes locks the gate between the outer and inner Temple; and he, only, enters the latter, who has the password and the key. In reading this book please notice how the essays vary in style; some of them falling into a weird rhapsody, others laconic and plain The Mystic will understand the reason for the difference, while another will peruse only the words. The barbaric splendor of Nature reveals truth and law as surely as does her terrible logic. She speaks in poetry and in prose. Facts are rarely ever naked, but often not only draped but masked. The occult eye sees straight to the heart of a fact, while the normal lens dwells on the habiliments. Enough has been said save this Man inevitably cometh unto his own.

Contents of the book

Preface 5

Hermetics 7

Philosophy 9

Faith 13

Concentration 18

Practice 22

Memory 26

Imagination 31

The book of revelation 37

Pride and philosophy 41

Who are the cranks? 47

One day 53

Secret grief 56

Cold despair, 61

Beauty art power 65

Spirits and devils 70

Death what of it? 73

Nature s jest 79

Your friend 83

The one thing 86

The devil 9

The pairs 94

Adonai 98

Magic... 103

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