Our story of Atlantis : written down for the Hermetic Brotherhood (1903) Free PDF book

Our story of Atlantis: written down for the Hermetic Brotherhood by W. P. Phelon (1903)  

Our story of Atlantis

Excerpt from the author's introduction:
It is not necessary for an author in these later days, always to be able to say, he writes of his own knowledge. This has become a recognized fact. He may write from another's experience, in whose honesty and reliability, he has as much, and sometimes more confidence, than in his own personal sense.

 This is the case with this little book, treating of a subject of interest to the whole world, today. For six years I have had the MSS. almost ready for the printer. Now, with the encouragement and helping hand of my Dear Comrades of the Hermetic Brotherhood, I am bid to let it- go forth. May it be a help to the ONCE ATLANTIAN BORN, wherever they may be.

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