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Wine and the wine trade PDF (1921) By André Louis Simon

Download Wine and the wine trade PDF (1921) By André Louis Simon

 Wine and the wine trade PDF

The accumulated store of knowledge which we have inherited from past generations is altogether beyond the power of assimilation of any single human brain. Yet what is already known to us is not sufficient to still our craving for more knowledge: on the contrary, our generation shall hand down to the next immensely greater treasures than it received. We can never know enough: we may often know too much, but, if we do, it is because we do not know enough. Although it is as impossible as it would be unnecessary for any single person to comprehend the sum total of human knowledge, it is both possible and desirable that we should all apprehend at least some of the main facts to which the causation and effects of phenomena and objects in our everyday life are due or believed to be due. There are only a few people who make it their business or their hobby to comprehend the making and regulating of clocks, but we have all learned or heard enough about them to " apprehend " that if our watch stops it is that it requires either winding, or a new spring, or a drop of oil, but that it has not stopped as the result of some malefic of the sorcerer's art. Unscrupulous tradesmen may sell us clocks with pretty faces and bad works, but not watches without any works at all, such as those given to children in the nursery. The elementary knowledge which we all possess about watches is superficial and yet it is very useful. Did we all possess the same elementary knowledge about wine, the poisonous concoctions which masquerade under the name of wine would no longer be sold, or, at any rate, would not be sold so easily as they are today in England.

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