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Twenty Human Monsters In Purple and In Rags From Caligula To Landru PDF book (1929)

Twenty Human Monsters In Purple and In Rags From Caligula To Landru PDF book (1929) by Philip Beaufoy Barry


This is not a book for the squeamish. When a writer sets out to write about horrible persons, he does not deal with rosewater and pleasant Sunday afternoons. 

The seeker after pleasant pages must look elsewhere. Equally, this book makes a small appeal to those whose reading appetites seek the stimulant of the mysterious.

The ingenious lover of detective fiction will find in the pages of his pet authors mysteries that outweigh in thrill and suspense the actual crimes of the Newgate Calendar. In this book, I have set down a record of evil — of crimes carefully planned — of crimes recklessly planned — of crimes urged by greed, jealousy, revenge, hatred, fear, malice, cruelty. I have assembled the very rich and the very poor — ^the prince and the tramp.

They will seem an incongruous crew at first glimpse, and yet they are congruous enough when the keynote of the characters of all of them is sounded. That keynote is egotism run mad mingled with indifference to suffering. To the superficial critic, these records will seem a mere assemblage of horrors. To the student of life and motive to whom (as the student of science) nothing is alien and nothing is disgusting, they will perhaps appeal as documents, proving that the parentage of the ape and tiger still survive in the criminals of our unconvincing civilization.

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