The attitude of Islam towards science and philosophy (2003) PDF Book by Averroes Ibn Rushd

Download The attitude of Islam towards science and philosophy (2003) PDF Book by Averroes  Ibn Rushd translated by Hamid Naseem Rfiabadi

The attitude of Islam towards science and philosophy

philosophy and science conciliatory or contradictory? This extraordinary question will continue to baffle the minds of philosophers, scientists, and thinkers. Here we aren't concerned with this query nor are we planning to draw a common platform where these two can co-exist despite the fact that their subject matter in general and methodology in particular differ. While one rests from Generalizations to Particulars, the other rests from Particulars to Generalizations. But we are confronted with a more difficult subject of linking religion with these two, and finding any remote chance whether the religion i.e., Islam is favorable or hostile to it?

This book under review as its name suggests is but opposite to it because it is basically the English translation of Ibn Rushd's (Averroes) Treatise Faslul Al Maqal by the authors who have not only translated it but written biography of Ibn Rushd as well as a chapter entitled Ghazzali And Ibn Rushd Conflict and Concord plus reflections on Thought and Works of Ibn Rushd, which thus rightly justifies its name. Islam brought in its wake a literary, academic, and intellectual revolution. Philosophy, which was a traditional branch of real academics evolved from Greek thought, was especially churned, refined, and cultured by Muslim thinkers. Though the claim that philosophy was the cause for the decline, the root of vices, and insane indulgence of Muslims might be a bit true the credit for enriching Philosophical Thought goes to Muslims.

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