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Something to say and how to say it (1920) by Kleiser Grenville,

Something to say and how to say it (1920) by Kleiser Grenville

Something to say and how to say it

The daily practice of reading aloud from the work of a standard author is one of the best preparations for public speaking. This exercise stimulates and develops all the mental powers. It confers the advantages which come from fitting words to the lips and gives an excellent opportunity for practical improvement in articulation, pronunciation, and vocal expression. A well-furnished mind presupposes a discriminating choice of books and a judicious way of reading them. The purpose of reading may be for study or for entertainment, but properly it is for acquiring knowledge and culture. useful material for public speaking than to nourish the mind with thoughts from the world's great writers. A public speaker should be a wide reader, a close observer, and a deep thinker.

One of the most essential things for you as a public speaker is to have something worthwhile to say. If you hare a vital message to deliver or have thoroughly familiarized yourself with a subject of importance to your fellow men, you will have little difficulty in commanding an attentive hearing. Make it your deliberate purpose to acquire a large fund of useful knowledge, and as far as you are able to acquaint yourself with the best that has been thought and known in the world. The formation of "the student habit " is essential to your greatest progress in this valuable study.

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